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2013 Announcement

Registration for Camp Daniel Boone is now open for 2015.

Please note, the registration for Camp Daniel Boone merit badge registration is now open. You may now register your Scouts who are taking merit badges only.  Please note that for this year, you should not enter any adults or high adventure Scouts into this program; enter only those Scouts taking merit badges.  Also, if you want to change your numbers, do not change them in this program.  You can only change your numbers by calling or emailing Peggy Baillie at the council office.  If you change your  numbers in this program they will not be received by the council and so we will have incorrect numbers for you when you arrive at camp.  All adult training courses will be registered at camp upon check in. Thank you.

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Camp Daniel Boone

Welcome, Scoutmasters, to the Camp Daniel Boone Registration Website powered by MyCampDirector.

On June 1st 2015, over 100 staff and volunteers will arrive at camp to begin setting up, training and preparing for the arrival of the first weeks Scouts on June 7, 2015. Those staff and volunteers love CDB, and want to share the tremendous experience and adventure they have discovered here with your Scouts. Within these pages you have complete access to enroll scouts in classes. So get your checklists ready and start registration!

Please note:  You cannot change your numbers in this program, only register merit badges. To change your numbers you must call or email the council office.  Thank you.

333 W. Haywood Street, , Asheville, NC
828-254-6189 | www.campdanielboone.com

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